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We would like to meet with you in person to get as much information about your firm, the role and culture to help best select appropriate candidates. Accurate information gathering is critical to saving time and costs and enables accurate presentation of candidates. Each candidate will be presented by CV with an informed briefing on the candidates’ attributes.

Employer information

We are currently in a competitive professional recruiting market with businesses growing at the fastest rate since 2007, leaving employers having to compete for the top talent. There are fewer professionals than there are jobs available, so as a recruiting employer, you need to stand out.

Please consider how to recruit the best professionals and keep them long term.

  • Enable a positive recruitment process
  • Pay generously and incentivise with a bonus structure
  • Allow flexible working
  • Offer a clear career path


To be successful in the RECRUITMENT PROCESS candidates need to be managed carefully and decisively. The employer should present themselves as positively as possible and make sure the candidate understands your company mission, culture and their likely career progression, as well as any “good news” story.

The candidate needs to be confident they know what they are getting into. After the interview try to make your offer with minimal delay. Procrastinators may find themselves pipped at the post and their candidate no longer available. Make sure you offer the best offer you can, at LEX Recruitment we will give you as much guidance as possible on candidate expectations and the market position.

Putting the salary at the higher end puts you in a stronger position when there may be other potential employers. Other benefits such as flexible working, pension and generous annual leave all help to secure your chosen candidate. However, after all this you may then be subjected to a counter-offer and the candidate’s current employer may fight to try to keep them. But acting quickly with an attractive offer, usually persuades your candidate that you are the best employer.

LEX Recruitment will work to its best to ensure a successful appointment and support you through the recruiting process with honest and balanced advice.

To submit your recruitment requirements please email your job specification to alison@lexrecruitment.co.uk. You will then be contacted by phone to discuss the vacancy and agree the way forward. Or alternatively, please contact us by phone to arrange a meeting.

LEX Recruitment

LEX Recruitment was established in 2007 and is managed by a legally trained recruiter with over 20 years’ experience in getting people jobs. LEX Recruitment is able to provide discrete and customised job searches for professionals looking for a new job opportunity covering East Anglia to include Norfolk, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Cambridge and Essex.

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